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Error In Parsing Value For 'background-image'


It works on all of the pages but I'm wondering if I should try the new CSS slide show for safer operation. Removing the whitespace fixes the issue. Thanks for the continuos help, this is a great forum. Our Company About Us Contact Us Community Treehouse Stories Student Perks Treehouse Blog Affiliate Program Careers Topics HTML CSS Design JavaScript Ruby PHP WordPress iOS Android Development Tools Business Tracks Web

A day I use it and already so good. FYI, a "working page" is an all-in-one page, starts with doctype and ends with close html and contains enough of the CSS and JS used to demonstrate the problem. (It is So I wouldn't recommend going down this path (pun intended). Even if the browser truncated whitespace in CSS, which it doesn't...

Error In Parsing Value For 'background-image'

So I am down to 1 unresolved problem with CSS. body { background-image: url("file:///C:/mydesign/images/bluefadeleft.png"); background-position: top left; background-repeat: repeat-y; } coothead R_Schreiber 2016-05-16 23:21:15 UTC #3 This is for the external css page correct? Oct 16 '07 #7 reply P: 2 Struggler Steven, you have it right! ronpat 2016-05-17 03:55:18 UTC #6 R_Schreiber.

Oct 16 '07 #4 reply 100+ P: 1,137 Death Slaught If your quoted code is accurate, the problem lies in the space between url and the parenthesis containing the url. Oh, one more thing. Any number of spaces count as one. Css Gradient Yet, all literature reports the use of font and not font-size, so I wonder if the mistake is elsewhere (I cannot believe that one puts in a book something that would

I have no clue about that. As soon as I removed the space, the background appeared on my page. I experimented with the "spacing" as you mentioned and it was actually the space between the url and the first left bracket ( which was preventing the background image from showing, If you use "margin-left: 20 px" instead of "margin-left: 20px" it will only work properly in IE6 but it will not work in Mozilla/Firefox or Netscape.

Not the answer you're looking for? W3c Validator E.g. /css/ styles.css /images/ bluefadeleft.png background-image: url(../images/bluefadeleft.png); R_Schreiber 2016-05-17 03:42:52 UTC #5 Thanks for your suggestion. If you are trying to validate your CSS and can't figure out what the validator is complaining about, find the line number it's complaining about, then copy about 5 lines before Get started in seconds.

Error In Parsing Value For 'background-image'. Declaration Dropped. Firefox

Then it's a matter of looking it over and trying to figure out what you might have done wrong. About Simply Testable Simple, professional automated front-end web testing. Error In Parsing Value For 'background-image' Please help me. Error In Parsing Value For 'background-image'. Declaration Dropped. Bootstrap Application form for visitor visa to Malta converting pdf pictures to png files makes pictures too small What are the alternatives to compound interest for a Muslim?

Comment Cancel Post SpAm MasNotsram Join Date: Dec 2009 Posts: 1755 #6 07-06-2010, 05:58 PM Gdgd may i mark as resolved? --------------------------------------------- //Improvement in coding is iterative, each 'failure' is just Man, that was eating me up, thanks a million! Placed that inot the miz and my home pages is far better now. Proof that you're not an idiot. Css Validator

If you now run a full-site CSS validation test and happen to be using valid unquoted data URLs you'll no longer be bothered by such false errors. structure 3. Post your question and get tips & solutions from a community of 418,681 IT Pros & Developers. Thanks, Death Oct 16 '07 #3 reply 100+ P: 143 steven If your quoted code is accurate, the problem lies in the space between url and the parenthesis containing the url.

more stack exchange communities company blog Stack Exchange Inbox Reputation and Badges sign up log in tour help Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed You need to put 3 backticks on a line of their own both before and after each block of text. Whitespace between 'url' and the parenthesis will cause the background image not to show.

this is out of CSS3 but I can't get it to work.

Easily Find and Correct Errors in Your CSS CSS Validation Now that we've covered xHTML validation, let's move on to CSS validation. So here is what I have. javascript to change cell background colours on a timer. I used shorthand for borders, as well as 3-character hex codes for any that can be shortened in this manner.

Hot Network Questions How to insert polyline features with the list of vertices in another polyline? All rights reserved. Something is not right but do not know what. and there shouldnt be spaces when specifying the background image, the single quotes are not strictly needed just help to clarify --------------------------------------------- //Improvement in coding is iterative, each 'failure' is just

The CSS code is the following @charset "utf-8"; ToC 1. We found the following errors (4) URI : lounge.css 29 .guarantee Property font-color doesn't exist : #444444 #444444 30 .guarantee Value Error : background-image url is not a background-image value : For an explanation of 3-character hex codes, see the last paragraph of Hex Color Codes. How to fix a bent lens mount hook?

It happens to the best of us. –Josan Iracheta Dec 5 '14 at 3:14 add a comment| Did you find this question interesting? A lexical error is generally caused by anything that's written specifically for Internet Explorer. Please describe your site and your wishes in diagramatic detail and preferably include a "working page" showing how your code is being implemented. document.body.scrollHeight : document.body.offsetHeight + 'px'); I have not seen this cause an issue yet, but it's good to put such IE hacks into its own style sheet, then nest the link

You have: Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers body{background-image:url('foo.jpg');} You should have: Expand|Select|Wrap|Line Numbers body{background-image:url('foo.jpg');} note the lack of whitespace between `url` and the parenthesis. Jason Anello Treehouse Moderator 82,791 Points Jason Anello Jason Anello Treehouse Moderator 82,791 Points 2y ago Well, the validator will try to help you by telling you the line number the My url is body { background-image: ("c:/mydesign/images/bluefadeleft.png"); top left repeat-y: } this should hole for every page that references this css page - correct? Happy validating! 🙂 If you found this article useful, please spread the word: Digg!